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General Information
Designation Sentient
Classification Amphibian
Homeworld Sarus
Home System [REDACTED]
Average Age 105-110 EY
Average Height 1.2m (4.2ft)



Azeryan men are more brutish, tall and muscular than females. Due to their extensive time spent on the surface, evolution caused males to develop orange and yellow skin pigments to better adapt to the hot, sunny climate of Sarus.

Azeryan women are shorter and more petite than males. Their smaller size enables women to maneuver far more effectively both on land and in water. Their anatomy also requires less caloric and oxygen intake, allowing them the ability to remain underwater for extended periods of time (ranging for multiple days).

The azeryan respiratory system is amphibious in design, allowing azeryans to maintain life under water for long periods of time. This ability is possible due to an enlarged spleen, which is capable of storing much more oxygen for longer periods of time. This characteristic allows azeryans to resurface for air only once every sixteen hours on average.

Azeryan diet consists of fish, wheat/grains, sea kelp, berries, and other produce purchased off-world. The Azeryan diet forbids meat, as their digestive systems are not designed for processing land-grazing animals.


The majority of the azeryan people recognize the Faith of Ezhra. The line of nobility in the Faith of Ezhra passes to the eldest female heir within the noble family.

The other dominating culture among the azeryan people recognizes the teachings of Azruth. The men within this culture are taught the ancient language Spirusch. Words from this language can be found carved into every ancient temple on Sarus.

The Protectorate of Ezhra teaches