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General Information
Designation Sentient
Classification Humanoid
Homeworld Earth
Home System Sol
Average Age 75-85 EY
Average Height 1.71m (5.6ft)

Humans are a species of sentient humanoids native to the homeworld of Earth, in the Sol System. The majority of the species make up the VCS.

Biology and Appearance

Humans are a very intelligent species native to the planet, Earth. They are bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry. The species consists of two distinct sexes, male and female. On average, the species grow to about 1.71m (5.6ft) tall.

Human bodies are comprised of a central torso, a head, two upper limbs and two lower limbs. A human body is sealed by a soft skin that is covered in hair in selective locations. The two upper limbs are standard proportionate arms. Each arm has an attached hand that contains five fingers. The two lower limbs are standard proportionate legs. Each leg has an attached foot that contains five toes.

A human head is positioned atop the torso. Human heads are typically elliptic in shape, however some slight variations can occur. The head is comprised of two bilaterally symmetrical eyes and ears, as well as a singular nose and mouth.

Society and Culture

Throughout their history, the human species has had a tendency to differ vastly in their sociocultural views. The present does seem to hold some restraint (to a minor degree) in this category. The majority of the human species belongs to the democratic VCS, in which a variety of viewpoints are subject to the majority through votes. This societal structure does seem to be the most popular among humanity. Despite this, many have fled the jurisdiction of the VCS over time. Humans outside of the VCS have spread themselves liberally around Void Space and developed their own, sometimes radical, sociocultural tendencies. Almost all of these splinter factions of humanity reside in Void Space.