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General Information
Designation Sentient
Classification [REDACTED]
Homeworld [REDACTED]
Home System [REDACTED]
Average Age [REDACTED]
Average Height 1.9m (6.5ft)

Infiosi are a species of sentient humanoids native to the homeworld of [REDACTED], in the [REDACTED] System. The majority of the species make up the Infiosi Technocracy, or ITx.

Biology and Appearance

Infiosi are a hyper intelligent species native to the planet, [REDACTED]. They are bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry. The species is asexual in nature and consist of no distinct sexes. On average, the species grow to about 1.9m (6.5ft) tall.

Infiosi bodies are comprised of a slender central torso, a head, two upper limbs and two lower limbs. An infiosi body is sealed by a very soft and smooth skin. The two upper limbs are long standard arms. Each arm has an attached hand that contains four long fingers. The two lower limbs are long standart legs. Each leg has an attached foot with no appendages.

An infiosi head is attached atop the torso by a long neck. Infiosi heads are oval in shape. The head is comprised of two bilaterally symmetrical eyes, as well as a mouth below the eyes and two holes positioned between. One of these holes is used to interpret smell. The other hole is used to interpret sounds. Due to their only sound receiving organ being centrally located, an infiosi does not have much interpretation of directional sound.