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General Information
Designation Sentient
Classification Reptilian
Homeworld Kekjuak
Home System Kekjun
Average Age 60-70 EY
Average Height 2.2m (7.2ft)

Kekjuana, or more commonly Kekjua, are a species of sentient reptilians native to the homeworld of Kekjuak, in the Kekjun System. The majority of the species makes up the Kekjua Stratocracy, which is currently headed by the warlord of the Fist of Karahk, Borohk.

Biology and Appearance

Kekjua are a moderately intelligent species native to the planet, Kekjuak. They are bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry. The species consists of two distinct sexes, male and female. On average, the species grow to about 2.2m (7.2ft) tall.

Kekjua bodies are comprised of a large central torso, a head, a large shell, two upper limbs and two lower limbs. A kekjua body is sealed by a very thick, rough skin. The two upper limbs are standard proportionate arms. Each arm has an attached hand with four finger-like appendages. The two lower limbs are standard proportionate legs. Each leg has an attached foot with four toe-like appendages.

A kekjua’s head is positioned atop the torso. Two bilaterally symmetrical eyes are positioned just above their snouts. Two holes used for hearing are positioned symmetrically on the sides of the skull.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a kekjua’s anatomy is its very large shell. A kekjua’s shell covers the majority of their backside, starting from the top of the neck down to just below the hip. The shell is immensely strong, giving a kekjua an incredible level of resistance to kinetic attacks from behind.


Gruak is a rare genetic deformity among the kekjuana species. A kekjua born with gruak will suffer from a range of genetic anomalies and deformities. Most notably, a kekjua with gruak will grow much larger than average. Some cases have recorded subjects at almost 9’-0” tall. Typically, a kekjua with gruak will have a proportional weight accurate to a normal kekjua (~5 pounds per inch). Incredibly, a kekjua suffering from gruak will also maintain or surpass the physical abilities of the average kekjua. Some cases have reported individuals able to lift nearly ten times their body weight with ease. Unfortunately, gruak does come with a number of side effects. Most often an individual will experience severe cases of one or more mental disabilities. These disabilities will include schizophrenia, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, etc.


Fist of Karahk

The Fist of Karahk is a prominent clan on the planet Kekjuak.

The Fist of Karahk is one of the most ancient of the current Kekjua clans. They were initially established in the year 7283 HE.

The clan is currently led by the warlord, Borohk.

Swords of Bahku

The Swords of Bahku is a prominent clan on the planet Kekjuak.

Zarkahari Flame

The Zarkahari Flame is a prominent clan on the planet Kekjuak.

The Zarkahari Flame is the most ancient of the current Kekjua Clans. They have existed since Zarka initially rose to power sometime around the year 416 HE.

The clan is named after the Demigod, Zarka. The clan consists of heavily zealous ideals, believing in the Prophecy of Zarkahari, which tells of the return of Zarka from the Overworld. Their religious prophecy also tells of the return of the Black Angels, who's purpose is to reclaim Zarka to the Overworld.