Kingdom of Acharia

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The Kingdom of Acharia is the 2nd largest human faction in the galaxy, following behind the USN. It was formed in the remnants of the War of Divergence, in which Acharia and several other colonies seceded from the USN to form their own nation.

The Kingdom of Acharia, often shortened to just Acharia, is located on the Galactic ESE to the USN. Whereas the Acharia colony originally served as the capital of the Kingdom, it has since been moved to the more developed world of New Roma.

Following the years of its establishment, prior to the relocation to New Roma, the Kingdom ruled from Acharia. From this decentralized location, rule was difficult to extend to the further colonies involved in the secession. Despite this, the lingering nationalism for Acharia following their secession held the nation together through these difficulties. With the support of the people and local counts, the Kingdom was able to relocate the capital to New Roma within 63 short years following the secession.

The King of Acharia at the time of relocation, King Declan I (son of the previous king, King York), established his rule on New Roma within his newly built palace. This palace would become the central point of the King of Acharia for millenia to follow. Within the palace was the royal throne, known as the Achar Throne, from which the current ruler would govern.

Within the Kingdom was a multitude of lower counts that ruled over localized systems, and eventually dukes that controlled larger system networks that would simply be known as duchies. The rulers of these duchies and counties, over time, married into each other's families along with the royal line, creating an intertwined group of royal houses that firmly held claim to all royal titles for the foreseeable future. Of course, the intricacies of these familial ties eventually led to infighting regarding claims to the rule of these territories. Throughout the history of Acharia, there would be a multitude of internal wars amongst its vassals, however the Kings of Acharia would remain respected throughout much of the nation's history.

By the events of the Eternal War, the Kingdom of Acharia had grown immensely in both size and power. The original royal lines were still in power, including the line of Erickson, which still held the King’s throne. The size of Acharia, while much larger than it once was, still only held about one third of the systems that the USN did. All things considered, this was an immense amount of growth, as initially they had held a fraction of that ratio.

Within the Coalition, the Kingdom was an incredibly respected and renowned government and would be given a seat on the Coalition Security Council just years after its conception. While the King has never seated on this council, a collection of Duke’s, hand picked by the King, would serve as their delegate on the council. Though unbeknownst to most, the Kingdom was able to consistently keep all of their ruling class and seats within the Coalition within the Erickson House and it’s fractional houses. Needless to say that the Erickson House was arguably the most powerful family in human history, with a wealth that was practically incalculable. Their immense wealth bought them an increasingly large amount of influence within galactic politics.