Landon Marx

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This individual is a registered Class 2 Criminal. If encountered, proceed with extreme caution. Any information about this individuals whereabouts must be reported immediately to your nearest Coalition government center.

Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'-10"
Skin Color White
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel

Landon "Marx" Holloway was born on the planet Earth in the year 13172 HE. He was born and raised by a poor family in the slums of Chicago. His father, Jason, was a factory worker for the Vitroll Corporation. His mother, Sheira, was unemployed and was the primary caregiver to Landon as a child.

At the age of 17, Landon enlisted in the Coax Military. He was stationed aboard the ship, Desolation, under the command of Captain Maka Safar.

After nearly two years of honorable service, Sgt. Landon “Marx” Holloway and his fellow soldier Cpl. Jonah Decleir led an uprising against Captain Safar. The two soldiers successfully overthrew the Captain and bridge crew of the Desolation. After brutally torturing and murdering the Captain and bridge crew, Landon named himself the new Captain and Jonah as his Executive Officer. At this point, Landon dropped his surname, Holloway.

With only a small amount of crew remaining, Landon and the Desolation fled deep into Void Space.