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PHRP, often called "purp", is an extremely rare and unique drug that exists somewhere in the galaxy. Multiple unrelated sources have reported using the substance, but have not provided a reasonable point of origin for the drug. Nor have any of these sources provided adequate samples of the drug.

The reported effects produced by the drug are as follows:

  • Extreme dilation of time perception, effectively making the subject perceive time much slower than normal. This can greatly increase reaction response.
  • Extreme speed increase. Likely in relation to the shift in time perception, the body is essentially able to respond more quickly to compensate for the brain's change in response. While still limited by the physical capacities of the body, the subject is able to move more effectively in such a way that prediction of movement is near impossible.
  • Increased pain threshold.
  • Increase blood coagulation when exposed to abnormal conditions, such as air. Effectively the drug is able to increase the rate of wound healing by closing open wounds more effectively.
  • Rapid incurring anabolic effects to the users muscle mass. Essentially a fast acting anabolic steroid.

As can be discerned by the effects of PHRP, the drug has extreme potential in military application. This has made many speculate that the drug was designed and produced by COAX military research divisions, or a privately contracted company for the COAX. Seemingly very little of this drug has ever passed through public hands.