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Rage is a unique drug that can most accurately be compared to amphetamines or mephedrone or other stimulant drugs. Rage is illegal in most regions, and is considered a hot commodity within the illegal drug trade.

The effects of rage are similar to most stimulants in the sense that they make the user feel very alert, excitable and stimulated. What differentiates red dust from other stimulants is its incredible ability for increasing one’s aggressive capabilities. While not making a subject outright aggressive, the drug proves extremely capable of increasing the capabilities of a subject's aggression by increasing their tolerance for pain and their ability to move through extreme injuries. For example, there are many reports of backwater militias using red dust during combat. The dust effectively allowed these soldiers to continue fighting with large injuries, or even loss of limb. While not necessarily maintaining their effectiveness in combat, they were able to maintain effectiveness in resolve and dedication to their cause.