The Eternian Empire

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Eternian Universe

The Eternian Empire is a vast galactic Empire that serves as the galactic government of the eternian species. The Eternian Empire is the largest known individual faction in the Known Galaxy. The group is believed to be a Tier 3 species, [REDACTED]. The Eternian capital is located on the planet, Eternia, in the [REDACTED]. The Empire directly controls a vast region of space, known as Eternian Space. No beings or factions outside of the Empire are permitted access to Eternian Space.

The Eternian Empire is an isolationist faction, keeping almost entirely to themselves. Despite this, the Empire does make an effort to maintain peaceful cooperation with the IPC through the Empress and a collection of delegates. The Empress will often travel to systems within Coalition Space to offer friendly diplomacy and gifts to the many IPC factions. The Empress will also often attend the meetings of the IPC Security Council in an effort to offer advice and guide the Coalition.

Governing System

The Eternian Empire is defined most accurately as an absolute monarchy. The entirety of the empire is governed directly by the Emperor with an absolute reign. Currently the seat of Emperor is occupied by Emperor Cassius Knight. While the Emperor does act as the final voice on any and all issues, power is often delegated to lower ranking officials. Most prominently, the Eternian Royal Navy is overseen directly by the High Admiral. Additionally, the Eternian Royal Army is overseen directly by the High Commander. This delegation of power allows for leaders to focus their efforts more directly, rather than the Emperor having to manage all issue alone.

The Emperor also utilizes an appointed group of trusted officials, known as the Supreme Council. This council serves directly as an advisor to the Emperor. The Supreme Council does consist of a handful of the aforementioned delegated officials, such as the High Admiral.

The positions of the Supreme Council include the following: (in order of power)

  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • Emperor's Hand
  • High Admiral of the Eternian Royal Navy
  • High Commander of the Eternian Royal Army
  • Master Aedifex
  • Master Physicus
  • Master Quaestor