The Intergalactic Planetary Coalition (IPC)

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Eternian Universe

The Intergalactic Planetary Coalition, or IPC, is a massive interstellar Coalition that operates from the planet, Magnus Capita, located in the Centaurus Arm (approx. 8,000 LY from the humanity’s home system, the Sol System). The Coalition was founded by Humanity and the Zullfyre Democracy in the year, 12280 HE. The IPC is the largest known interstellar alliance in all of Galactic History. Currently the Coalition consists of nearly seventy Tier 4 or greater factions. The collection of systems controlled directly by IPC factions is referred to as Coalition Space. Any location outside of Coalition Space is officially termed as Void Space. Since its founding in the late 12100’s, the Coalition has grown extensively and now occupies nearly ⅛ of The Known Galaxy.

The IPC follows a strict system of law by which all of its factions must abide in order to be included in its dealings.

Governing System

The governing system of the IPC is structured as that of a typical federal alliance. All parties and factions within direct control of the Coalition are permitted to primarily govern themselves. Despite this, integration into the IPC does requires full abidance to a collection of federal laws. These laws include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All governing bodies are hereby entitled and required to appoint an elected delegate to represent their faction’s interests in the United Senate.
  • Any declaration or act of war must first pass through the United Senate with an approval percentage of at least 70% votes in favor of military action.
  • Any declaration or act of war committed by an IPC faction without express approval from the United Senate is subject to the following:
    • Immediate expulsion from the IPC.
    • Immediate severance of any and all ties with the Coalition and its factions.
    • Unrestricted military response action from the United Coalition Military (UCM).
  • All governing bodies must conform to a set of strict anti-slavery laws.
    • All forms of slavery or indentured servitude are hereby forbidden under IPC law.
    • Any governing body with pre-existing forms of slavery or indentured servitude must disband and release all affected parties prior to admission to the IPC.

The United Senate

The United Senate is the central governing body within the IPC. The Senate consists of hundreds of delegates who represent the collective interests of the many factions and civilizations within direct control of the IPC. The primary concern of the United Senate is to ensure the stability of the Coalition and its factions, as well as uphold (and in some cases alter) Coalition law.

The current members of the United Senate are listed below:

The Security Council

The Security Council is a small group of the most influential members of the IPC. They are responsible for settling major disputes within the Coalition, making most major decisions in regards to intergalactic politics, and making major changes to IPC law.

The current members of the Security Council are listed below: