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The Precursors were born in a separate Universe from our own. Born as sentient souls to a lifeless universe. They created bodies for themselves, and began their civilization. Well into their history, they developed the ability to navigate Slipspace, which eventually allowed for the careful navigation through multiple universes. It was at this point that Universe Categorization began.

Categorization System

The naming convention for Universe Categorization is represented in Latin translation as follows:

  • ALUN-I
  • ALUN-V
  • BEUN-I
  • BEDU-I

This system uses the basic system of Alpha - AL, Beta - BE, Gamma - GA, and so on. Along with Unus - UN, Duo - DU, Tres - TR. Followed finally by a numeral separated by a dash. This naming convention would be used to categorize all discovered universes, starting with ALUN-1 being nicknamed Prima Infinitum (or “First Infinite”). Prima Infinitum is the galaxy in which the Precursors came into existence, then consequently their home system for the next multi-billion years.

Our own Galaxy, The Milky Way, is located within the BESE-MCXIII (Beta Septem - 1113) universe.