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The VCLR-40 is the latest and greatest in military firearms technology. This medium-short range infantry assault rifle is designed with mobility in mind, offering new technology that allows the weapon to be collapsed in order to fit within most standard deployment packs. The VCLR-40 offers the mobility factors of a smaller weapon with the firepower of a full fledged assault rifle.

The VCLR-40 fires an uncased projectile using mass acceleration, similar to that of a coilgun. A chambered projectile is rapidly accelerated through the process of converting magnetic energy to kinetic energy via the powered electromagnets within the rifle.

While requiring periodic recharge to power the internal electromagnets, the weapon is able to remain operational for 172 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Additionally, the battery is easily removed from the weapons buttstock to allow swapping while in the field.

The standard model of the The VCLR-40 is chambered in 10.16, allowing the use of standard Vestice 10.16x32mm caseless ammunition.