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Vestice-13 is a research station located within an unnamed system in Void Space. This research station serves as an outpost for study of the Slipspace Tear that they had found there. The station itself was actually assembled around the tear, placing the tear inside of the research station. Whereas the tear will not move within spacetime at all, the station uses onboard systems to isolate itself in space. This is done by both tethering to the tear and using thrusters to make the station's inertia exactly 0.

The station was commissioned by Vestice and held a team of 12 scientists and general staff that would care for the station. These scientists studied the tear for years before ever actually interacting with it in any physical sense. By the time that they were ready to do so, the team would start by throwing things into the tear, to which they would entirely disappear. It became a common belief that the tear was some sort of portal. The research team became increasingly interested in sending things through the portal, like recorders, cameras, etc.

All data that was returned from the recording devices was otherwise incomprehensible.

Eventually Vestice brought out a team of specialists to investigate the tear. These specialists were on the station for no more than 3 days before one of them entered the tear room without protection. While the tear did nothing to her physically, it beckoned her through a sort-of intoxicating melody. This resulted in her sticking her hand through the portal, which garnished no reaction. Following that she stuck her head through, which led to her being driven insane. This was the start of a corruption outbreak on the ship.

Over the next day the specialist locked herself in her room, to which she slowly mutilated herself from seeming paranoia. The specialist was able to slowly indoctrinate more of the station's crew until the entire station was either dead or corrupted. At this point, Vestice decided to isolate and abandon the tear, seeing that it was too dangerous to investigate as such.

Many years later, this station is found by an Eternian patrol, led by Aurelia, to which they find the tear and report back to Cassius. They are able to dispatch the small amount of corruption rather easily.