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Zarka was an ancient kekjuana male that that is widely considered to be the messiah of the kekjuana people. The tales of Zarka influenced the planet's primary, dominating religion Zarkism, which teaches the belief that the kekjuana are a people chosen by the gods to exact vengeance on non-believers.

Zarka was born a presumably normal kekjuana to a lone mother whose husband had died in combat months before their sons hatching. While it was never revealed by his mother, it was later believed that Zarka’s real father was the god, Dahku. Some believed that Dahku had raped Zarka’s mother, but many presume this to be untrue and blasphemous.

Nearing his mature state, Zarka became a renowned warrior amongst his people. He was unnaturally strong for a kekjuana that did not suffer from any visual abnormality, such as gruak. In addition to his incredible strength, Zarka was also extremely fast and resilient to pain. He also was able to regenerate and heal at rates much faster than others.

In his prime, at the age of 17 years, Zarka’s village would be attacked by a hostile tribe of barbarians known as the Dahrukk. The tribe would nearly wipe out his village, but it is said that Zarka single-handedly defeated the tribe. However, the tribe had destroyed most of the village and killed his mother. Enraged by this, Zarka vowed to destroy the barbarian tribes.

Some years later, Zarka had led what was left of his people to the salvation of new lands. Here they would establish the city of Zarkahari, to which Zarka would rule absolute. Over the course of a few years, Zarka would establish one of the largest cities on Kekj, and arguably the strongest army of his time. Using this army, Zarka would destroy any barbarian tribe to which he was informed of. This eventually turned to invading and annexing villages as well.

At a point during his 26th year, Zarka and his army would go toe-to-toe with one of the other great militaries of the time, the Arkark Dominion. In what seemed like a possible victory, the Zarkahari would run the Arkark Dominions army back to a series of valleys known as the Valley of the Entombed. It is here that the Arkark would trap the Zarkahari and turn the tide of the battle. Ultimately, the Arkark would win the conflict and take many of the Zarkahari prisoners, to include Zarka himself.

The Zarkahari were brutally tortured by the Arkark. Zarka himself was especially tortured to an incredible degree. For days Zarka would endure such tortures as the peeling of his shell, removal of his legs, partial flaying, and eventually the splaying open of his ribcage. Throughout the duration of this torture, Zarka would remain alive and conscious due to both his own endurance and a cocktail of drugs that the Arkark claimed to be a magical brew. By his sixth day of unimaginable torture, Zarka would finally pass. Zarka’s remains were burnt at a stake.

About 23 days later, Zarka would re-emerge from a glorious convergence of lighting and fire at the doorstep of the Arkark city. It is said that from here, a revived and even more powerful Zarka would kill and destroy everyone and everything within the city of Arkarka.

Zarka would eventually die of natural complications of old age in his later years, but the story of his revival would live on for over a thousand years. His people and their descendants would venerate Zarka as the chosen one of the gods. Following his death, they would speak of his return to their world following the return of the gods. This prophecy would live on to the arrival of humanity, and beyond, with humanity sparking a religious reformation that drove the Zarkahari to an even more zealous mindset than before.