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General Information
Designation Sentient
Classification Avian
Homeworld Voenov
Home System Vraal
Average Age 40-50 EY
Average Height 1.2m (4.2ft)

Zull are a species of sentient avians native to the homeworld of Voenov, in the Vraal System. The majority of the species make up the Zullfyre Democracy.

Biology and Appearance

Zull are a very intelligent species native to the planet, Voenov. They are bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry. Despite being primarily bipedal, zull can also move quadrupedally. The species consists of two distinct sexes, male and female. On average, the species grows to about 1.2m (4.0ft) tall.

Zull bodies are comprised of a central torso, a head, two large wings, two upper limbs and two lower limbs. A zull body is sealed by a rough skin that is covered in colored feathers. The two upper limbs are standard arms that are long in proportion to the rest of the body. Two large wings protrude from the shoulder blades and run nearly to the end of the arms. Each arm has an attached appendage with four distinct talons. The two lower limbs are standard proportionate legs. Each leg has an attached foot with four very strong, distinct talons.

A zull’s head is positioned atop the torso. Zull heads are typically elongated and oval in shape, however some slight variations can occur. Zull have a convex face ending in a beak. Two bilaterally symmetrical eyes are positioned above the top of the beak. Two holes used for hearing are positioned symmetrically on the sides of the skull. The skull is elongated to the rear, causing a sort-of protrusion. This protrusion is covered in feathers of a respective accent color not dependent on any inherent factors.

Society and Culture

Zull have had a relatively centralized mindset in regards to their society and culture. While minor points can differ occasionally, the majority of the species accepts open democracy and freedom of expression and speech. These views are very prevalent in the Zullfyre Democracy, which represents the majority of the zull species. Despite their centralized views, some zull have found refuge outside of the Zullfyre Democracy in areas primarily located in Void Space.