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Planetary Information
Estimated Population ~ 550,000
Planetary Classification Class B (d=23,679km)

Ankron is a lawless planet located on the fringes of Void Space.

The Spolith Plateau

The surface of Ankron is pocketed with man small plateaus and rock formations. The largest, and most notable, of these formations is known as The Spolith Plateau. The plateau is bordered by large deserts on both the east and south sides. To the north is a large, uninhabitable zone known commonly to locals as, "The Waste". A large river lines the west and southwest edge of the plateau before stretching nearly one thousand kilometers where it empties into Ankron's boiling ocean. One of Ankron's five forests, the [REDACTED] Forest, grows inside of crater to the northeast of The Spolith Plateau. Radioactive clouds from The Waste have presented a danger to the forest and a majority of its local fauna.

Along the southern walls of The Spolith Plateau is a narrow canyon opening (approx. 35m in width) enclosed by a large metal gate. This gate serves as the border between Ankron's famous Canyon Markets (inside the plateau) and the lesser Exterior Markets. The Canyon Markets stretch nearly 40 kilometers into The Spolith Plateau before branching into a series of supply tunnels and caves that web throughout the plateau.

The canyon walls that line the Canyon Markets have been hollowed out in order to house many of Ankron's approximate 550,000 residents. Aparment buildings have also been built into the larger areas between the canyon walls, some stretching as far as 2 km from the East Wall to the West Wall. These buildings house tens of thousands of residents, primarily lower income families.

Carved into the plateau walls that line the [REDACTED] Forest is a series of luxurious homes known as the Grechia Estates. These sprawling mansions house the upper echelon of Ankron's citizens, 0.5% of the total population (approx. 3,000 residents). Exclusive starship launch pads and hangars are located on the surface of The Spolith Plateau for the planet's wealthy residents.

Like the Grechia Estates, the Old-Grechia Estates are carved into the exterior walls of the plateau on its northern side. Unfortunately the estates were forced to be abandoned due to the increasing health risks associate with exposure from the radioactivity of The Waste, which was located only two kilometers to the north. This entire section of The Spolith Plateau is now considered uninhabitable.