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Planetary Information
Estimated Population ~ 1.1e8 (11 Billion)
Planetary Classification Class C (d=23,679km)

Earth is a heavily populated planet located in the Sol System within Coalition Space.

Earth is the third planet in elliptical orbit around the centralized star known as the Sun.

Globalization and the Formation of the VCS

In the mid-21st century Earth underwent rapid changes in global politics. In the year 2040, the United States government, in collaboration with the governments of the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and many others founded the United Global Democracy (UGD). The UGD was a direct replacement for the UN, and looked to fulfill many of the groups shortcomings in global politics. Change came about rapidly under the UGD following the introduction of the Democratic Integration Effort (c. 2040) and the Environmental Restoration Agreement (c. 2042).

Nearly four decades after it's formation, the UGD was renamed to Vir Colonaie Stella in order to be more inclusive to the stellar colonies being established throughout the solar system. The VCS soon included Earth and its colonies on Mars, Luna, Ganymede, Europa and Titan, as well as the many mining facilities and refineries established on the smaller satellites around Jupiter and Saturn.

Democratic Integration Effort

The Democratic Integration Effort was an agreement drafted by the United Global Democracy in the year 2040. It was seen as the establishing document of the UGD, and cemented the group as the leading globalized power on Earth.

The basic premise of the document was to ensure the security of a globalized democracy system led by the voice of the people. Voting systems within all participating countries was to be identical in structure. This was intended to prevent any lapse or fault in voting on key decisions.

Environmental Restoration Agreement

The Environmental Restoration Agreement was an agreement drafted by the United Global Democracy in the year 2042. The agreement proposed guidelines to ensure environmental protection and restoration.

Global Warming & Environmental Damages

Damage to the environment on Earth trended throughout the 20th and 21st century to extremes that were predicted many times over. Unfortunately bureaucracy and government idealism stood in the way of immediate change. Despite the hardships, however, environmental action began to take prominence thanks to increased globalized efforts. Shortly after the formation of the United Global Democracy, the participant states ratified the Environment Restoration Agreement (c. 2042). Following its ratification, the Environment Restoration Agreement saw a massive shift in global efforts to repair the damaged environment. Tighter restrictions were placed on corporations and industry, leading to a gradual reduction in pollution around the globe.


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