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The Gates are an ancient invention of the Eternian Empire. There are an unknown amount of Gates located throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. There are many Gates located within Coalition Space. Currently, the Coalition has been granted access to them by the Eternian Empire as a means of travel throughout Coalition controlled regions.

Little is known about the functionality of the Gates, but Coalition scientists theorize that they function using interconnected wormholes. This however does not support the instantaneous travel from one end to the other. Another popularized theory is the existence of a navigable subspace through which the Gates connect to each other. No theory has been confirmed nor denied by the Eternian Empire at this time.

Gate Guardians

A Gate Guardian is a mechanized defense entity unique to the Gates. One Guardian is located at each Gate. They have remained entirely inactive for the entire duration of interaction by the Coalition.

Gate Custodians

Custodians are another mechanical entity unique to the Gates. Custodians serve as the maintenance keepers of the Gates. They are small robotic workers that will perform any repairs or maintenance needed to the Gates, as well as each other.