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Prahanus is a lightly populated planet located in Void Space. It was first colonized by a small group of human colonists in the year 13107.


Prahanus is host to a variety of fauna, much of which is considered to be very beautiful to a large amount of visitors and traders.

Native Species


The qrubrod is a native species to the planet Prahanus. It is known more commonly as the Qru-Beast.

Invasive Species


Rabbits are considered an invasive species to Prahanus. The species is not native to the planet. Rabbits are a common pet among human spacefarers, due to their small size and easy maintenance. When humans had first arrived to colonize Prahanus, the colonists had brought dozens of pet rabbits aboard their ship. Due to an accident during unloading, many of the rabbits were able to escape into the wilderness. With the lack of natural predators on Prahanus, the rabbits were able to breed rapidly and quickly populate a small temperate region of Prahanus.


Prahanus is home to a wide variety of flora.