The Galactic Timeline

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HE - Human Era

The Human Era is the official calendar designation utilized by the IPC.

PHE - Pre-Human Era

The Pre-Human Era is the official calendar designation utilized by the IPC.

HY - Human Years

Human Years are the representative term utilized by the IPC used to describe a period of time.

13.8e9 PHE

4.54e9 PHE

  • Formation of the planet, Earth.

2.72e9 PHE

6.50e7 PHE

  • The dinosaurs of planet Earth are driven to extinction.

0 HE

  • The beginning of modernized humanity.

416 HE

  • The fabled Demigod, Zarka, rises to power on the planet, Kekjuak.

9956 HE

11776 HE

  • (07/04) The United State of America declares independence from Great Britain.

11969 HE

12034 HE

  • (03/25) The first manned mission into Mars orbit.

12036 HE

  • (04/10) The first successful manned landing on the surface of Mars.
  • (05/16) The founding and establishment of the first human colony of Mars.

12237 HE

  • Humanity's first successful interstellar jump to the Alpha Centauri System using the Versoft MK-III Warp Drive.

12274 HE

  • Humanity makes peaceful contact with the Zullfyre Democracy in the Yucrat VC6 System.

12280 HE

  • Humanity and the Zull found the Intergalactic Planetary Coalition (IPC)

12289 HE

  • The IPC makes contact with the aggressive Kekjua Stratocracy.
  • A human colony ship is attacked by kekjuana soldiers, sparking the Kekjun War.

12294 HE

  • The Kekjua Stratocracy joins the IPC.

12340 HE

  • The Infiosi Technocracy (ITx) joins the IPC.

12420 HE

  • The Newt Holy Union joins the IPC.

12892 HE

  • The Protectorate of Ezhra joins the IPC.

12915 HE

  • The Azruth Brotherhood joins the IPC.

13107 HE

  • Human colonists develop a colony on Prahanus.

13130 HE