The VCS (Vir Coloniae Stella)

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General Information
Tech Classification Tier 4
Capital Planet Earth
Capital System Sol
Year Established [REDACTED]

The VCS, or Vir Coloniae Stella, is the primary galactic government of the human species. The VCS is one of the original founders of the IPC, as well as one of its most influential members. The VCS capital is located on the planet Earth, in the Sol System. Currently the VCS control a number of star systems directly, and continue to found new colonies. While the VCS does consist primarily of humans, many other lifeforms have been loosely integrated into its society.

The VCS is a very diplomatically active faction within the Coalition. The group holds one of the most prominent seats in the entire IPC. Due to the VCS being one of the two original founding members of the Coalition, they do hold an extreme amount of influence in galactic politics.

Governing System

The VCS is defined most accurately as a presidential democracy. The president of the VCS holds a significant amount of power over the government. This president is elected directly by the citizens of the VCS through elections held once every 10 years. The elected president will then hold office from their inauguration until the end of their 10 year term. A president can be removed from office via polls taken yearly. If a president's approval rating is below 40% at the time of a yearly poll, a new president (most often the current Vice President) will be appointed to fill the rest of that particular term.

Most citizens within the VCS are eligible to be elected as president, regardless of sex, race or even species. To date however, no member of another species other than human has been elected. Some general restrictions do apply to one’s eligibility to become president:

  • One must be at least 30 years of age.
  • One must not have committed any level 1 crimes within the past 5 years.
  • One must not have committed any level 2 or greater crimes at any point within their lifetime. If a level 2 or greater crime has been committed, they are hereby permanently restricted from any political office.
  • One must have served in an official political position for at least 2 years.

When a president is elected, they must then establish a cabinet of officials to make up the presidential office. This cabinet includes a vice president, various department secretaries, and delegates as listed below:

  • Vice President of the VCS
  • Ambassador to the Coalition Security Council
  • Ambassador to the Coalition United Senate
  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Energy
  • Secretary of Education

The VCS is not controlled exclusively by the presidential office, however. The government also consists of the State Senate, which is a collection of delegates elected by the individual sectors of the VCS. These senators will typically vote on more generalized issues and decisions, as well as draft new laws and vote on laws proposed by the presidential office.